Collect Passes and Gems Cheats 2018 in Episode Hack

The episode game is one of the extremely popular choice-based games available on a pocket platform.

The game is available and free-to-download; it is downloaded by millions of users all across the world. The two currencies gems and passes are very important in the game to progress. Passes are given to you as a form of reward once you have completed the first episode of the game.

A lot of time is required in order to accumulate the required number of passes and gems. You can instantly buy the game currencies from the game store with real money. However, if you are not willing to invest real money, then there is another way of doing it.  Source If You Are Looking For how to get free passes in episode

This article will tell you, how to get free passes in an episode. You can use episode hack to generate an infinite number of gems and passes.

The game can be time-consuming if you want to earn the currencies by waiting for it to generate automatically. Play smartly and use episode hack to achieve success in the episode game at the earliest. By using the mentioned tips, you will have a lot of passes and gems to progress.