1300 Numbers: Are They The Right Choice For you?

One must understand that 1300 numbers are not physical numbers. They are not tied up with any specific landline, but they are virtual numbers and calls made on this number can be arranged to be received at a landline or mobile phone which is pre-determined. The mobile or landline number to which calls received on a 1300 number are routed to is called an answer points. The received call can be configured to be routed to more than one answer points depending on the origin of the call or the call receiving time. This means that the company can get a single contact number for all its potential and current customers in Sydney. It can arrange the calls to be transferred through a routing system to its several other offices throughout the nation. So, if you are a company located in several parts of the country, then getting 1300 number is a wise decision. You just must look for cheap 1300 numbers Sydney to what all options are available to you.

If you are a company with only one office but desire to the show the presence nationwide, then a 1300 number can just do what you want. It can show an image of professionalism and credibility as customers relate to a 1300 number with reputable and established companies

A 1300 number has the potential to increase the inquiries and responses of customers dramatically. Callers can call this number from any part of the country at the rate of a local call. So, even if the officers of the company are in another state, for those who are calling a 1300 number is much cheaper than calling an interstate phone. This increases the inquiries from the current customers thus increasing the interaction of customers and also increasing the chances of potential customer call which can lead to improvement in sales of the company.